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Dear little cellist,

Would you like to win one of these wonderful 'Pinstoppas' (cello spike holders) invented by cello teacher, Fiona Greaves? 


Fiona has very kindly offered one as a prize for the winner of this littlecellist.com competition quiz. All you have to do is email your answers to the questions below to havefun @ littlecellist.com by 28 February 2011. We will put all the correct answers into a cello case and the first name, drawn at random, will win the prize. If you win, you'll be able to choose which 'Pinstoppa' you would like. (You can see all the designs on www.oddsandendpins.blogspot.com) The good news is that all the anwers can be found somehwere on littlecellist.com. Entries are welcome from anywhere in the world.

1. Which famous cellist's first toy cello was made from a gourd? (A gourd is a sort of vegetable like a pumpkin.)

2. Which is darker, stickier and softer - violin rosin or double bass rosin?

3. Which famous cellist earnt money as a teenager by playing the cello to accompany silent films?

4. What does Horrid Henry do when Perfect Peter practises the cello?

5. Which famous cellist spent two years in a Russian labour camp?

6. How many strings does a violoncello piccolo have?

7. Which cellist had the nickname 'Slava'?

8. How do you say, 'I play the cello' in Polish?

9. What does a luthier do?

10. Which famous cellist is the Honorary Patron of littlecellist.com?