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Dear little cellist,

We've lost count of the number of times people have asked why there isn't a page about Paul Tortelier on littlecellist.com. He seems to be everyone's favourite cellist!

Well now there is!

This is our favourite story:

When he was a young teenager, Tortelier used to play the cello to accompany silent films in cinemas. (When cinema was first invented, films didn't have any sound. So musicians used to accompany the films, playing exciting music in the exciting bits and so on.) Usually Tortelier played only in the evenings but one day, the cellist who played in the afternoon was ill so he had to play for all the films from 2pm to midnight. By the end of the day, he was so tired that, in order to carry on playing, he had to rest his bowing arm on his knee instead of his arm in order to push the bow across the strings.

(If you want to read more stories about Tortelier, visit his page on littlecellsit.com. The stories are all from a book called Paul Tortelier: A self-portrait in conversation with David Blum.)