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Dear little cellist,

This e-letter was going to be all about the role of Principal Cellist. But we decided that, as you probably know more about it than we do, we'd ask you the questions instead:

Question 1

The Principal Cellist sits next to the conductor because
a) he's been naughty and the conductor wants to keep an eye on him
b) she's the leader of the cellos and all the other cellists need to be able to see her
c) she promised to share her chocolate with her

Question 2

The Principal Cellist is usually in charge of
a) making sure everyone is doing the same bowing
b) deciding who plays what when the cello part is divided into different parts
c) the biscuit tin

Question 3

If you are Principal Cellist you should keep an eye on
a) the music
b) the double-bass players to check they aren't making paper aeroplanes
c) the conductor

Question 4

The Principal Cellist also plays
a) any cello solo in the score
b) Happy Birthday to the conductor
c) more loudly than everyone else

Question 5

If the Principal Cellist breaks a string during a concert
a) her desk partner (the cellist who sits next to her) will swap cellos with her, restring her cello and hand it back to her
b) he has to do a forfeit
c) she has to hum the notes instead

Question 6

The principal cellist is also called
a) The first chair
b) The leader
c) Your Majesty

Well, now we've sorted all that out, you could take a look at the page about Tim Hugh that we've just added to littlecellist.com. Tim Hugh is Principal Cellist of the LSO, as well as a soloist, and it turns out he has actually been doing a bit of humming


Answers (at least, we think these are the answers): 1) b, 2) a and b, 3) a and c, 4) a, 5) a, 6) a and b.