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Dear little cellist,

You don't need us to tell you that the more you practise the better you'll get - you know that already - so here's a practice calendar with a difference to start the new school year..*.Find it under Printables.

This is the deal: you tick or initial or doodle on every day you practise and then you show it to your teacher so that s/he can heap you with praise. We've taken the innovative step of combining the pratice calendar with a helpful list of tips for getting out of doing your cello practice and tricking your teacher.**

We'll write the next bit very small: at littlecellist.com we believe in practising every day.

*Actually it wasn't our idea but our brilliant teacher's who every year makes a new practice calendar for his pupils. Fortunately, he said he didn't mind us stealing - ahem - borrowing it.

**We've tested most of them out on ours but we advise you check your teacher's sense of humour before trying out any on yours.