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Your Space

This is a gallery space for your sparkling musical compositions, jokes, poems, stories and art work - whatever you like really. You can email them to us or send them by post.

'Going To Sea In A Cello Case (Not A Good Idea!)'
by Marianne Kelly (age 12)

'Cello' by Hourmazd Zeini (age 4)

- signed H for Hourmazd and B for Buck from Ice Age 3

Thank you to Joe Davies (age 12) for sending in his composition 'Air in C' for cello and piano. You can download it by clicking here.

A little cello
Doesn't bellow
It doesn't squeak
Like a vi-o-lin.

A little cello
Doesn't bellow
rit. It's mellow.

by Sarah Gordon (age 8)

by Claire Biek (age 8)

A cello and violin on the monkey bars
by Sarah Gordon (age 9)

I got three As in my cello report!

But you never practise! Are you sure?

Yes! A bysmal, A trocious and A palling!

Cello Acrostic

Can't be beaten by anything at all
You could play it at a big grand ball.

Ever more this instrument will be
The loveliest instrument the world will ever see.

Lovely and soothing this instrument may be
But you do learn it very slowly.

Like all instruments the 'cello is good,
But it beats everything it ever could.

On with the 'cello I will go,
Even if it takes me till I'm nine - O

by Sophie Leigh (age 8)

'Discovering Planet Cello'
by Sarah Gordon (age 10)

Pupil - Would you tell me off for something I haven't done?

Teacher - Of course not! That would be very unfair!

Pupil - Good! Because I haven't done my cello practice!

'Crazy Cello Collage'
by Sylvie Waft (age 9)

'The Tragic Tale of Mrs Cello' by Clara Robbins (age 10)

Q. Why did the composers look under the bed?

A. They were playing Haydn seek!

by Luming Chan (age 11)

by Emelie (age 7)

by Finn (age 5)